First Time Rafting

I just went rafting for the first time, with about 15 other people, including small children. We were going on a mild river, where it started out pretty shallow with big rocks on teh bottom. Because there was so many of us, we took three rafts.

We started out, and our raft gets caught on a rock in the shallow area. My brother screams that he lost his paddle, and so I'm leaning a little, trying to decide whether to swim out and get it (I am a good swimmer). Suddenly, one of the other rafts hits us, and I fall backwards. The worst part is that the rafts hits us again, and it caught me in the chest. I was held up, my head in the water and my legs flailing in the air, by the raft and my lifejacket.

The raft suddenly moves, and I slip under the water. I figure that I can just slip back up, but the gap is gone. I was stuck under two huge rafts, in a shallow river, pinned between the raft and big, sharp rocks.

This whole time I'm thinking, "I'm not going to die", "This is a horrible situation", "I feel like Harry Potter in the 7th book", and "My mom is gonna be so pissed when she finds out I lost her hat."

Then, in comes the wonderful idea of pulling myself in one direction, and lo! I was out from under the rafts. I started to go into shock, and I kept floating down the river until my dad caught me.

It was then I realized I could have died, and I completely lost it. I started crying really hard, and it was horrible.

But then I got over it. Rafting is fun, and now this is another experience I can learn from and laugh at.
tacimaci tacimaci
13-15, F
Sep 9, 2012