I was paddling out in overhead surf. I was unable to duckdive so I ditched my board behind me and dived under the wave with the leash tied to the board. Underwater I felt the leash snap. I knew this was bad. When my head popped up from under the wave I was hoping to see the board beside me. It was nowhere to be found. I knew it was bad.

I started swimming towards the shore but quickly realized I didn't have the strength. I starts yelling for help but no one on shore was watching or could hear me. There was a surf lesson nearby but the instructor couldn't hear me. I tried backstrokes, freestyle, treading water but nothing was working. I keep yelling for help and waving my arms.

Finally, another surfer caught sight of me and started paddling toward me. I remember the feeling when he acknowledged that he saw me and was swimming toward me. I grasped on to his surfboard and we paddled toward the shore.
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Something like that happened to me. I was surfing in very big waves when the biggest wave came, I tried to duckdive but I couldn't so the wave slammed me on the bottom. We I came to the top I saw a second bomb coming and also smashed me...I swimmed up as fast as I could and just barely took a big breath of was an awful experience