My mom, my dad and I were at the beach. I was playing on the sand while the waves occasionally came to the shore. My legs were dirty from the sand after sitting on it, so I went into the water to wash it off. At that time, a particularly strong wave came and initially I thought it wouldn't get any worse so I sat in the water. It was only after a second wave came and washed over my entire body - going as high as my head was as I was sitting down - that I freaked. My mom was getting further away from me and each time I swam for the shore, the waves would try to take me with it. I couldn't find my dad at all until I felt something strong latch onto my side. I looked and saw him grabbing me. At that point I was too stunned to do anything. I couldn't move. I heard my dad scream for me to get out the way but I couldn't do anything. Another wave came and crashed over me as I thought, 'I'm going to die.' But I didn't. I felt myself being almost thrown forwards, until I saw sand and several hands reaching towards me to help me out. I was embarrassed that a bunch of fishermen had to come and save me along with my dad but I thanked them nonetheless. I also thanked my father when I got back to the log where my mother was sitting. If I wasn't saved, I could've died... it would have been all over.
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These things happens so suddenly that you can't even imagine ,its gud that you are safe now