I know that one day our friendship will be put to challenge. I am afraid to face that day. But now I have no choice. I have to face it if I want to save us from crumbling down like a pyramid made of cards. But I never readied myself to this kind of test...again.

I always imagined us fighting over something important. Arguing what is best for something. I imagined our fight to be big and had sense- that it is something worth debating. So I was caught off-guard when I realized that I was in the same trap I was in two and a half years ago.

My pride, my ego. I am having an issue with something so petty. Just like before, it started with me not talking. Until the time came when I don’t know how to say hello. The only difference maybe and my only hope now is that he's still trying to talk to me. He wants to forget that this indifference building between us is not happening. And this is killing me. It makes me feel hundred times more low.

How do I say sorry?
How do I lower my pride?
I know our friendship is more than enough reason to have the courage to take action. So please help me. I don’t want our friendship to have the same ending like the one Lester and I had.

How I wish that saying sorry to you is as easy as writing it here. At least here, you would not expect an explanation. You would just accept anything I would give- nothing more, nothing less.
Monnuel Monnuel
22-25, M
Aug 23, 2014