Should I Summon the Spirits of Murdering Ministers?

I am not a violent person, rather I detest vulgarity and violence in any form.

But true to the falacies of human nature, I sometimes indulge in fantisizing about killing (...) slowly. Sometimes I feel my body full with direst cruelty and want to just grab a machete and plunge it deep into (...). Or just a clean bullet through the head or heart?? I sometimes wonder whether I would be a crazy-*** killer, or a cold-calculating methodical killer. I think the later, I would probably want to prolong the "event". So many methods only one result: Death.

Gosh I must sound like a psychopath. Lol I have been watching too many CSI shows, we have become so desensitized these days, I guess to some people this would seem almost "normal". But what is the "norm" some may ask? Grr, I hate over-analysing, I think too much..

Now let me get started on my hit list; alphabetical order ofcourse.

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That was an awesome comment Radiant.

Hate. How does it feel when it is directed your way?<br />
Bigotry. How does it affect you when it is toward you?<br />
A slow painful death at the hands of <br />
a person who only sees you as a valve to release steam, takes away the years you would have enjoyed ice cream, kissing your lover, seeing the sights and contributing to society. <br />
The type of person that would take your life, sees you merely as a vegetable grown in the garden for the the plucking.<br />
Nature, The Ultimate Life Force, or God, created you for much more than to be diced up and served in a salad. <br />
Hate comes, Bigotry comes, because a person BELIEVES he or she should have something, or be someone, other than what he/she is. <br />
The highest calling, is to be who you were born to be. <br />
You can polish your rough surface with outerwear. You can polish your outward demeaner with education and practice. You can develope philosophy and then change your ideas over time with experience, but you can not change your PERSONALITY.<br />
Be yourself, you'll be happier that way. Do not envy another person. Your experiences, whether they seem good or bad, make you unique, like a one-of-a-kind piece of art. <br />
You will then not hate or be bigotted. <br />
You will not become the thing you most fear. <br />
<br />
Sincerely, <br />
<br />

great title...

Hmmm... I must be a sociopath, too! I abhore violence normally, but when I fantasize paybacks, I don't like to think of merciful death! No Way! I like to think of tormenting maiming that the person will have to live with the rest of their life, and know why they recieved punishment and by WHOM! Of coarse, I'm a LOVER, not a Fighter, so I never get that far! lol.