Almost Feel Like Doing It? No, I'm Seconds Away From It Right Now....

My mother has a cousin, a male one I have hated since I was pushed from her womb and expelled my first shaking breathe. But does she care about my feelings of hatred for the crack-headed, ***** mongering alcoholic? No, she disregards them, and instead of keeping us separated she brings him right back into my face every time I turn around. They don't believe me. But I want him dead. I want to watch his blood seep into the dirt at my feet, I want more than to bathe in it but to ingest it, feel it sliding down my throat as it slakes my thirst. I want to watch his crack babies scream for Jesus as I first take him out and then their thieving crack worshiping mother. And then end my night of glory with their slow torture. But am I a horrible person? I didn't think so at first, but as I look up, he's here again and he's driving me to it. Seconds ago, I was ripped from a sound sleep by the sound of my mother screaming for him to get off of her, why, because the fat ***** thought it would be cute to lay on a petite fifty one year old woman, but instead of her comforting me, like a mother should, she tells me to get the hell on as if nothing happened. I'm a student, with a bright future, one I would gladly throw away to rid the world of his existence. I'm sitting at my laptop with a golf club resting against my thigh, debating on what I should do.

XaosMaiden XaosMaiden
18-21, F
Mar 3, 2010