Beautiful Lies

That's how we found a new dimension of our existence. When me and you without conditions and facts was freedom. We were free from reality when we were together. But we lied. We were still lying. We were trying to to find something and we were looking for it on wrong places. That's why we couldn't find what we were looking for. But it was easier to keep our life in beautiful lies than accept the truth and reality.
But now I know, you are more realistic than I am. You started to miss reality. And I started to miss you. I don't know where you are now. And who with. Don't give me any answers, they'll probably hurt me. I know, you'll never come back and I don't want you to come back. Because if you came, nothing will be like before. I couldn't love you as much as I did before. You are not only you but you are made of all those ugly things about your leaving now. I cannot love you with those memories.
Fortunately, you will never read this. I'm still living in thoughts and ideas. Probably I will forever. I hope so. Even though without you.
Atharaxis Atharaxis
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

reality is the key of wisdem and wisdem is the key of all the closed doors u know i hated alot of things about me before and i never wanted to counfess em i didn't wanna admite them but then what i lived in lies when i admited em i then tried to change them cause i don't like them but first we gotta see the truth and open our eyes instade of closing em when u really see that what is going bettwen the two of u ain't like before u should talk about it u should just ***** the truth make it naked u know so u can see what's hidden and try to make aplastic surgry for it to make it look better but aslong as u hide it it will be there it wan't go any where i think if u made the right choice out of ur mind n't ur heart when u start dating some1 u can always solve the problem with him cause spliting apart and giving us should be the last choice after u try every thing bordem most of the time do that through make us feel we need to change everything , and i feel like that somtimes we are all humans after all ....

Really? Then thank you :)