Story Of A Night Of Prostitution In West Hollywood Vice Night

I was on a cops episode in West Hollywood back in oh say 1989 or 90 could have been 1991, I have been searching Google for that video and I just can’t find it. I have been to their website at and even there I cannot find that episode. It was sometime in late early fall I think and it was Vice night on Santa Monica BLVD. I was standing on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd & N Formosa Ave, when this tall guy walks by me and says “Hey there’s a guy in a limo around the corner who wants to see you” I thought “how weird” usually cars will drive by and turn the corner while looking at you direction indicating for me that they want to talk.
So whatever I walked around the corner and sure enough there was a huge black limo parked rite there, as I walked up to back window it was part way rolled down and there was this elderly looking man sitting there saying “come on in sit down!” all the lights were on in the back seat (STRANGE), people always leave lights off and as soon as someone like me gets in we are off to cruise around the block to go over prices and what not. Not this guy, we just sat there with him saying out loud (WHILE NOT TOUCHING ME AT ALL!) “So you’re a man of the world, you look like you’ve been around?  So what would you charge for a thing like this?” I sat there for a moment not saying anything and I said “GIVE ME KISS” he was all “Look I’m not into playing games you look intelligent you’re a man of the world I just want to know what you charge for a thing like this?” I was all “GIVE ME A KISS” he went into his usual speech again and said you look like you’re a man of the world youv been around tell me what would you charge for a thing like this? At this point I knew something was wrong he wasn’t touching me like most tricks would. Normally tricks do things to when I would get into their car like,
(1). Start to drive off around the corner rite a ways to talk over options.
(2). Start groping me and saying oh you look so hot.
(3). Say nervous crap like “oh I’ve never done this before.
(4). and how much do you charge?
There are100 more things that Jons might do and almost none of them were like this guy was doing. I just kept repeating to him after everything he would say “GIVE ME A KISS” lol he stopped his trying and said “well I guess we can’t do any business rite?” I told him something like this “I don’t know about all  that all I wanted was a kiss. I left and walked up around the corner on Santa Monica BLVD and up to La Brea Ave. Where this hustler walked by me as I was crossing the street we nodded to each other as we past, later after seeing that cops episode upon me getting out that cop (LT Ford) of the Sheriff’s Department in WH look rite into the Camera and said “OH HE’S GOOD! HE’S REAL GOOD!” and that co-sexworker that walked by me? He went through the same thing as I did but he said “40 dollars?” and got busted. TRUE STORY!
dillinger86 dillinger86
46-50, M
Feb 19, 2011