Alrighty so about a year ago when I was about 17 I was house sitting this house that had a pool.
Something I had really wanted to try was swimming naked, and since I had an entire house and pool to myself I decided this was the best moment to try it.

So I got into the pool with my shorts on and just swam around a bit. The backyard had a metal fence that wouldn't provide much in the way of privacy but as long as I stayed in the pool I would be fine.

After a bit I took my shorts off under the water. held on to them and just like that I was naked in the pool.
The feeling was absolutely incredible.
I ended up stashing my shorts against the wall of the pool so they wouldn't float around too much and just swam freely in the water.

I had no idea a gardener was supposed to show up that day but one did.
I moved over to the edge of the pool where my shorts were so he wouldn't be able to tell I was naked and tried as discreetly as I could to slip them back on.

I stayed in my shorts for a while while the gardener did his thing on the other side of the yard, but being a budding exhibitionist I got bored and decided take them off again.
He wouldn't be able to tell as along as I stayed close to the wall.
I'm sure it seemed it lasted a lot longer than it did and at one point I pulled myself out of the water to where my hips were against the wall of the pool and my butt was almost completely out of the water.

It was a very fun feeling and before long the gardener left without a clue.
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Love that story, would love to try exposing myself like where there's a chance of being seen. Love being nude around the house and sometimes the back garden at night when there are not too many people likely to be around.

Go out into the street late at night (there maybe a neighbour that sees you through their blinds or – maybe not?) That’s the chance you take when you become one of us!

I guess that's the thing! Going to try and pop out tonight. Will try the back garden first in the next few minutes, then maybe out to the street once I've built up a little courage. Wish me luck...

Good luck! Go out there!

Out in the garden now, loving it!

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You should have kept your shorts o the side, once naked you are naked if you are seen be seen! You will always regret not letting that first ***** being disturbed s just fantasise about what might of happened and keep going for it whenever you can! I have walked naked in my local woods and even round the block (late at night). Once you know you like being naked do it as often as you can! (Dare to be seen!)

I've been naked out on my street at night before and in this little wooded area during the day. I'll have to write about those sometime

Would luv 2 read about yore street roaming

that was a very witty trip . .