Almost Got Hit By A Driver That Was Backing Up And Not Looking And Got Yelled At By Her!

That's what happened to me today. I parked my car at the preschools parking lot, got kids out, a baby and 5 year old and as I was walking behind black Tahoe carrying baby and holding my daughter’s hand (may be 1/4 of its length though) it started backing up. It almost hit us and when I went to the driver’s window to say, What’s wrong with you? SHE STARTED YELLING AT ME as If it is my fault and even called me stupid *** and here is her reasoning
"you think I could see you?"- She TOTALLY could if she only looked in her mirrors before backing. I am standing 6’’ tall on heels. And if you can’t see when you backing up, don't drive because you will kill somebody. There is A RIGHT OF THE WAY HERE for pedestrians, you check all mirrors, wait for few second just in case child is walking you can’t see, check mirrors again and then back up! It is a preschools parking lot after all! Got to be extra cautious.
“you saw my car pulled next to yours and I had break light on” – All right so she had breaking light on for at least 4 minutes while I was unloading my kids. What that should tell me? She is chewing her gum, or sandwich, or talking on a phone or texting or turning things off before switch to parking?. How would I know how long to wait for her, I could wait for 2 minutes and she still could start driving as I d start walking and she d hit me BECAUSE SHE WAS NOT Looking. So in her mind UNIVERSE got to stop spinning just because she has break light on and she is entitle to back up ANY TIME WITHOUT LOOKING? When I started walking she was at a perfect still and she started driving as I was behind her car as I said.
“ I love my kids!” YOU should have paid attention” – SO do I! And I did pay attention, that’s why we didn’t get hit even though she was backing up at us and if she did hit us she would go to jail because SHE WAS BACKING UP WITHOUT LOOKING
You get my point, if she said I am so sorry, I would be, “Oh well, just please look next time”
But no, being entirely wrong SHE yelled at me and called ME STUPID ***. Now, that was it for me. She’d not acknowledge she was wrong and that means she will do it again and hurt somebody. I only wish I got her license plate or called police right away so they tell her who is "STUPID ***". I was too shocked to do anything. Now I'm trying to get this Lady's name and if I will find her, I would make sure somebody explains her traffic rules before she kills somebody.
I talked to at least 3 experienced drives after this incident and they told it was totally her fault.
Be safe, people, and don't expect remorce from traffic rules violators and do report if you see somebody violate rules. Sometimes they are confident THEY ARE RIGHT and that is the way to drive.
jess0711 jess0711
Jan 16, 2013