When Im Alone...

It was about 5pm during the Winter season. At that time of the day, the Sun is dipped very low in the sky and its dark. It was dark enough that the street lamps had to be on. I was standing at my bus stop, waiting fro a bus to come. I was on my own- completely under the bus shelter, apart from a English looking guy standing near the bus sign. It was me, that English guy and a somalian lady too with her baby daughter I presumed. 
As I waited, I saw a silver Mercedes driving down the road in the opposite direction to the bus lane. For some reason, he wound his window down, and was looking at something, I could tell, but I didnt know what. For a minute I thought it couldnt be, but it was. He was staring at me. I felt disgusted, but I watched him drive off. He reached a point in the road where he did a U-turn, leading him into the road that led to the direction my bus was going- on my side of the road. He merged into the bus lane and drove right up to me parking just in front of the bus stop. I saw him signal at me to go to him, but I didnt dare move. Then I thought, if I stay here, he might come out of the car and do worse. So I went up to his window, keeping some distance away. he wound his window down and said, "Where are you going?" I thought what a ******* creep. "Home". I said abruptly. "Ill drop you off. Where do you live?" 
I replied, "No, Im okay. I dont want a lift". 
He insisted, "No, no, its dark Ill take you wherever you want to go. Come inside the car."
I was mortified. "No" I said firmly, I said Im okay. Just when I was about to walk off he said, "But you know me! Look, look at my face, dont you recognise me? Im your uncle." He was no such thing I swear. I looked at the sicko, he had a dark face with holes or spots, a big nose and a white cap with black sides or something. He looked scruffy to be driving around in a posh Mercedes. "No" I said, "I dont know you. Your not my uncle. I know what my uncle looks like and you dont look like him and I do not know you. Stop saying I know you because I dont". He looked at me carefully and said, "Look, you do know me. You just forgot who I am. You know me, dont you recognise me?" He was trying to play mind games but I was far better than that. I was getting pissed off, "No, I dont know you sorry. I dont need a lift." And I walked back to the bus shelter. I made sure I was close to the remaining people there, so that I was in their sight if he got out of his car. But he didnt. He stayed fr a few more minutes, and observed me through his rearview mirror, and then drove off. I dont think he would have driven off if I was the only person at the bus stop. Thank goodness those other people were there. 
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Jul 22, 2010