Six Years Ago Yesterday...

It has been six years, six passings of our supposed wedding date...I still feel broken and shaky.

I am still friends with him and yesterday when I politely corrected him and asked him not to call my man "my friend" but rather his name or my all went painful.

He asked "So, are you two getting married?". I said, "We would like to eventually."


"I was never into marrying anyway! It's not my thing, archaic tradition."

He said it as innocently as "Honey, we are out of milk." No idea what he had just done. What did that 18 month engagement and almost 3 year relationship mean, NOTHING? Nothing!

I went numb, said I had to go to dinner...and cried for an hour. I am still numb today, I think I might sell the engagement ring as it still meant a lot in friendship, but now it just looks like cheap torture to me.

EDIT: 19 December 2009- I'm sorry I ever was so angry on this story. My ex-fiance is my best physical space friend....and the man I loved, left me.

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3 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Do what you can to put your ex-fiance out of your life; time will continue to help heal the wounds!<br />
<br />
You are fortunate to have your current love! It sounds like this relationship will work!

wow this must have been hard on you!

Urgh. Honey thats awful. Perhaps he said it out of vindictiveness? To hurt you because he's jealous of the love and happiness you have now, and the life he gave up?<br />
Sell the ring if it hurts you, and use the money to get one step closer the the man that truly loves you forever and ever.