How do I go about continuing something that I seriously find so right with. At the same time I find I hate it, due to finding it so hard. It's almost like fighting with yourself.

Thinking of the consequences and also the gains if I continue. All those what if's.

Suffering from anxiety and hoping to overcome this constant battle with wanting to and not knowing if I really want too.

Everyday it's different...

I do have a choice, how do I know if which choice i choose is the right choice.

jerkina jerkina
36-40, F
1 Response Mar 2, 2010

Oh boy I know I am young but I find any advice or common experiences to read helps sometimes. I struggled with the same thing going into college because I seem to have multiple personalities within myself that all want to do complete opposite things lol. My passion was psychology and I've studied it since I was 12 it's what makes me happy. I started school for it but then I couldn't decide if actually making a career out of it was right but I loved it so much. Then I thought to myself what would benefit me the most in the end. And I came to find that being a motorcycle tech would. Complete opposite of what I wanted to do. It's also my passion. And I found after changing and taking a risk it was the best choice because now I can do both. I get to experience my psychology passion thru people on here and people in my every day life but I get to work with what I love bikes and the money is better to. So pretty much to ur question nothing is simply the right one to choose, it's more about what will benifit u the most pleasurable and money wise, there's no limit to how much stuff u can do. Hope this helps!!