It was a very very cold winter night two years ago. I had everything planned out. I was just gonna shoot myself with the gun, and get it over with. That way no one would have to deal with my "pity act" ever again. Then I thought that the gun idea would be too obvious. So I got a chair, and I got some rope. I was about to jump when I saw my phone going off. He called me maybe more than fifty times until I answered. He begged and plead and asked me why. I told him this way no one would feel the pain I leave them. He told me that the only pain that there's gonna be is the pain when both me and him are gone. I asked him what he meant, and he told me that if I killed would he. To this day this lovely guy is still my boyfriend. To this day, I love him for accepting me and all my flaws.
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My friend maya has a story like that :) I can't tell you how grateful I am that he helped her realize that she was worth something.

i am glad you are still alive, he sounds like a great boyfriend, if my girlfriend died i would die too i love her to death and she is my world