Not Sure What Happened To Cleo Almost 10 Years Ago

I had a pet ferret when I was 10.  Two actually.  They're names were Beth and Cleo.  Unfortunately a sickness struck Cleo and we couldn't leave her on her own.  We took her to the vet and all we got was this paste that she really liked.  Cleo died though and I want to know why.  The night she died she had a stroke that day.  She then started to stagger around in circles and fell over.  Back then, Internet was only a two years old in my house and I didn't use it much so I never knew what really happened to Cleo.  Why did she suddenly have a stroke?  Why did she ever get sick in the first place when we took such good care of her?  I had originally thought she must have been poisoned because she like to steal the soap out of the bathrooms, but reading up on ferret illnesses I'm beginning to wonder if maybe she suffered from insulinoma.

Signs of insulinoma

  • Weight loss

  • Episodes of depression, lethargy, being "out of it" (may even collapse and be unresponsive)

  • Weakness and incoordination, especially of the hind legs

  • Often salivation and pawing at mouth during episodes

  • Severe episodes can result in seizures, and occasionally coma

  • Appetite often normal, sometimes decreased


The bolded symptoms are all the symptoms Cleo had when she began to get sick.  She could have been saved if only that vet had realized what was wrong with her.  This was supposed to be a vet that dealt in all species of pets.

Cleo died in my mums arms in the summer of 2000.  I sat right next to my mum the whole time and I was the only one to witness her stroke.  It scared the hell out of me.  After the stroke it was evident she was dying and there wasn't much we could do for her.


Rest in Peace Cleo.  I miss you very much

     A photo of Cleo and I when I was 10

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Feb 13, 2010