Not Putting Myself First

I seem to like putting others first.

I really enjoy helping others

I do find that it can get out of hand sometimes a large amount of people will just take and take if you let them.

It was a big thing for me the day (about 12 years ago) when I learnt to say no to a close friend , thinking back on it now he was really just a taker and not a friend at all.

Anyway learning to say no really allowed me to enjoy giving without ever letting myself be used.

I also find I have lots of love to give (I little of topic I know) on that score I am a taker as much as a giver. and to quote depeche mode "I just cant get enough Love"

Wolflinn Wolflinn
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 24, 2007

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Sorry Beinme did not mean to offend you.<br />
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For me oral sex is all part of the give and take in a marriage (I would not choose a partner that did not feel the same way)<br />
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You should not feel bad if you can not give, esp if your partner feels the same way.