Having To Pee In A Department Store

Hey, guys i have to tell you what happened to me yesterday. Oh! My goodness. First of all, let me say this I have a problem with going to the potty
all the time. I take medication for it but it doesnt help. I still have to pee every 30 mins. to an 1 hour or so. Sometimes I can wait longer on a good
day. It just depends! Anyway I went to this store to get some clothes panties, pants, shirts and such. Well, I knew they had a bathroom for employees
only 'cause last time I was in there I was doing the pee pee dance and the clerk took me back there and let me use it! Well, I was in there for quite
some time when yep, all of a sudden I feel that urge of wettness coming down my vagina and when that happens this means I need a bathroom soon!
Pretty darn soon! I was going to try some pants on the clerk insisted I try on. So, I asked her if there was a bathroom I could possibly use. NO! she said!
All we have is for emplyoees only! So, I went very uncomfortably into the dressing room, I tried on the pants holding back my pee. The urgency was so
there as I pulled down my pants. Anyway mind over matter is what they say right. I got out of the dressing room now all I had to do was pick out some
panties and get out of there. Well, wrong.... The panties that I wanted were not on ther floor only one pair so she had to check in the back. Meanwhile, I
am left shifting my legs back and forth from side to side to keep from ******* myself! The other clerk asked me if I was okay...all I could say was Yes!
The lady came back and said she didnt have the panties and would have to order me some. Crap now that would take some time to put my order into
the computer! Good grief was I ever going to get out of here. Anyway she ordered the panties, then she rang me up, I paid and was just fixing to leave
the store when I asked her if she put the remaining panties in my bag. Crap! She said NO! I have screwed your order all up....oh no, I had to pee so
bad at this point oh my goodness. She said she didnt know how to fix her mistake but the other clerk did. So the other lady did, paise GOD! Now I could
be on my way. Wrong! again.... There I was about to **** myself and one of the clerks takes a liking to me and starts a conversation with me about family
and such. She is telling me about her Mom and stuff. Here I was making a new friend and just about to pee on the floor. We finally excanged e-mail 
addresses and I went on my way. I made it to my truck and sit down oh that felt good. It kept me from wanting to pee as much. Now my goal was to
get out of this shopping area. I never shop in this area so I was turned around. I got out of there finally. As I was sitting in the truck I thought maybe
I will be okay to make it to my house which is 25 miles down the interstate. Then I thought if there is a wreak or something I would be screwed. So,
I decided to stop at McDonalds! I ran in and peed. I had waited so lonly it would hardly come out. I felt better and went on my way. If, I never had to go
back in that store again it would have been the perfect time to have peed my pants. You know it.....

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Crowded fast-food restaurants (and all the other restaurants) are good places to flood pants and skintight light-blue faded jeans with pee...<br />
I love it to do that!

I have many Scat & Pee female friends !
Many of them use diapers and purposely
poop and pee in public.
They claim that it's a sexual turn on for them !

i would have peed in frount of the clerk it would teach them to not allow you to use the employee bathroom next time!!

i would have peed in frount of the clerk it would teach them to not allow you to use the employee bathroom next time!!

hot story<3

I agree,but understand the idea of not wanting to wet your pants infront of a bunch of people..Mind you, you could have stood by your car & let it run down your legs rather than suffer..I had to do that once..Sure felt better afterwards....No more pressure on the bladder, & the warmth of peeing my pants felt soooo god..

Shame you didn't just go!<br />
I know it's hard, but if it's a long way from home and you don't need to see these people again? Why not?<br />
Great story though.