I Gotta Pee

I was in math class and I had to go pee since the First bell rang. I was crossing my legs and was getting desperate. I got up and said I GOTTA PEE NOW!!! She said ok go!! And I started sprinting down the hall. I almost didn't make it.
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You are NOT a horrible writer. You wrote what you needed to say and covered the subject well.<br />
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I'm glad you had a teacher who realized you weren't horsing around and you really needed to go. The teacher may have noticed you squirming and may have sent you if you hadn't asked. I did that several times as a teacher and quietly suggested the student go to the restroom right then, not five minutes from now.<br />
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Be thankful you had an understanding teacher who let you go immediately and you weren't in trouble for sprinting to the restroom.

Nice story. You said what you wanted to say very well. What would have happened if you had not made it?

i do not agree with you

I'm a horrible story writer. Sorry :(