I Made It To The Toilet. Almost.

- I'm sorry if the spelling is bad.
I swim almost every morning.
So, i was in one of those swmiming pools where you have your own little room to put on your bathing suit.
While i was swimming i felt an urge to pee, but ignored it. I just kept swimming, for quite a long time, since it was weekend and i didn't have anything to do.
I swam until i could feel that i had to go. Rigth. Now.
So i got up, and walked over to the toilets. To my horror there was a big line, with a lot of people. I was starting to stand kind'a wierd, i couldn't stand still.
I was worried that i might not make it to the toilets. One moment i suggested peeing in the water, but that's just gross.
I decidde that i'd just stop swimming, and go to the toilet in the changing room. I had to walk in a strange way, but i don't think it was so much that people could see it.
Finally i thougt, when i was in the changing room, i felt like i needed to hold my crotch, but i didn't. There were a lot of people!
Then, i saw a woman standing outside the toilet. "Sorry" she said "the toilets are broken, you'll have to use the ones outside".
I don't know why i had to pee so much, i never tried that before, but i was almost sure i wouldn't be able to make it.
So i looked the door to the changing room, and stood there, pee-dancing, with my hands on my crotch. I didn't know how to put on my clohtes!
But i somehow maneged without wetting more than a tiny little bit in my underwhere.
Now to the embarrasing bit; i had to walk the way down to the toilets, with my hands on my crotch! Walking really strange...
I know this might not sound like it's a nightmare, but i think so. Also because a little boy asked his father "What's she doing?"
And the father said: "It looks like she's about to pee hre pants!".
I made it to the toilet without more than a few drops in my underpants, but i feel very embarrasd about it... :I
I get this sad feeling when i think about it.
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This is so hot! Swimsuits & pee are my thing. You may think it's a bit weird but yeah.

I might be a little late on reviewing your story but I think maybe if you peed your pants more often (not publicly) you might learn to enjoy the feeling. Personally its not the wetting that I like its the desperation beforehand. Did it feel good to have all that pee rush out in a golden stream pushing against you? Try to remember those feeling and I think you will enjoy the next wetting experience.

add me if you like

Does anybody have some tips on how not to feel embarrasd because i still feel like that, i'd like not to think about it, but i can't

I pee my pants. Alot.
There is a lot of other people like you, so you shouldn't feel ashamed about it.

Thanks but ehh... I still do.

But thanks


i wasn't looking for someone laughing of me... i feel pretty bad already

Sorry, it's just that... haha... you sound (and spell) like a baby

It is..

Shut up loser

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