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I Made It To The Toilet. Almost.

- I'm sorry if the spelling is bad.
I swim almost every morning.
So, i was in one of those swmiming pools where you have your own little room to put on your bathing suit.
While i was swimming i felt an urge to pee, but ignored it. I just kept swimming, for quite a long time, since it was weekend and i didn't have anything to do.
I swam until i could feel that i had to go. Rigth. Now.
So i got up, and walked over to the toilets. To my horror there was a big line, with a lot of people. I was starting to stand kind'a wierd, i couldn't stand still.
I was worried that i might not make it to the toilets. One moment i suggested peeing in the water, but that's just gross.
I decidde that i'd just stop swimming, and go to the toilet in the changing room. I had to walk in a strange way, but i don't think it was so much that people could see it.
Finally i thougt, when i was in the changing room, i felt like i needed to hold my crotch, but i didn't. There were a lot of people!
Then, i saw a woman standing outside the toilet. "Sorry" she said "the toilets are broken, you'll have to use the ones outside".
I don't know why i had to pee so much, i never tried that before, but i was almost sure i wouldn't be able to make it.
So i looked the door to the changing room, and stood there, pee-dancing, with my hands on my crotch. I didn't know how to put on my clohtes!
But i somehow maneged without wetting more than a tiny little bit in my underwhere.
Now to the embarrasing bit; i had to walk the way down to the toilets, with my hands on my crotch! Walking really strange...
I know this might not sound like it's a nightmare, but i think so. Also because a little boy asked his father "What's she doing?"
And the father said: "It looks like she's about to pee hre pants!".
I made it to the toilet without more than a few drops in my underpants, but i feel very embarrasd about it... :I
I get this sad feeling when i think about it.
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This is so hot! Swimsuits & pee are my thing. You may think it's a bit weird but yeah.

I might be a little late on reviewing your story but I think maybe if you peed your pants more often (not publicly) you might learn to enjoy the feeling. Personally its not the wetting that I like its the desperation beforehand. Did it feel good to have all that pee rush out in a golden stream pushing against you? Try to remember those feeling and I think you will enjoy the next wetting experience.

lol well u need to pratice so u dont wet ur self add me if u wanna talk or advice

How do i practise?

A couple times a week hold your pee until you cant hold it anymore over time that with straighten your bladder and you will be able to hold it longer.

add me if you like

Does anybody have some tips on how not to feel embarrasd because i still feel like that, i'd like not to think about it, but i can't

I pee my pants. Alot.
There is a lot of other people like you, so you shouldn't feel ashamed about it.

Thanks but ehh... I still do.

But thanks


i wasn't looking for someone laughing of me... i feel pretty bad already

As much as you think that because you peed in your pants, everyone immediately knows, that's not the case. Your bladder may be a little irritated, so you suddenly don't have much time between "I think I may have to wee", & "I've just peed a little in my pants". If there is just a coin- sized spot, then virtually no-one can see it anyway, as you've only lost about 1/3 oz of wee. What caused the boy to comment was not that he saw you weeing but that he saw you walking funny or dancing the pee dance. THAT does attract attention. If, instead you had just walked briskly, without appearing to be in too great a hurry, even if you peed a little, it would not attract attention as it would be going on the floor of the pool area, which usually is wet anyway. And since your friends aren't there, it is not likely you will see anyone (other than a kid who will have the bad manners to point out that the girl over there is weeing in her pants.
And by the way, STRONG pee is 94% water so don't be so grossed out by peeing in the pool. There is a lot of peeing in the pool on any given day, so even if you're not doing it, someone else is. Your 10 oz. bladder has 1/2 an ounce of something other than water in it, & the pool has 100s or 1000s of gallons of water in it. And haven't you ever had to give a pee sample during a physical. If you haven't, you really need a checkup.
I hope you feel better. If you add me we can talk.

Sorry, it's just that... haha... you sound (and spell) like a baby

It is..

Shut up loser

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