Train Ride

Luke and I were in the city looking at Christmas lights, and just enjoying the Christmas season. We had hot chocolate, and peppermint bark (mmmmm) and it was flowing through my system pretty fast. Since I got pregnant I have no ability to "hold it" and after an hour of walking around I told Luke I was getting desperate. He asked if I could wait to use the restroom on the train, because it was about 10 minutes away and the next one wouldn't come for another hour. I told him I thought I would be fine, so we ran to the train station. The train ended up being late and I was squeezing my legs together so hard it was painful, plus the babies kept kicking my bladder causing me to almost lose control every time.
Finally on the train I awkwardly sprinted for the bathroom and it was out of order! There was one on the next car so I asked Luke to come with me. When we got there there was a like of 6 people. I was dying! Luke just looked at me, clearly hoping the answer to the question he was about to ask would be no, and asked if I could make it. I said yes, but immediately curled over grabbing myself , and changed my answer to maybe. The line had moved down to only me Luke and 4 other women because a lady went in with her son. The 3 women in front of me said I could go before them (thank you!!) but the other woman looked more desperate than I felt.
At this point I was doing a full on potty dance and trying not to pee myself. The lady and her son came out and the lady in front of we went in closed the door and before she locked it I heard her start to cry and the stream started. When she came out it was clear she hadn't made it, and that just made me need to go worse. Luke came in with me, needing to go a little himself, and it was a personal restroom, but very large for a train. I went in and was about to undo my pants when I had to grab myself. This time I couldn't let go or it would have just spilled out of me. While I was holding myself like undid my pants and helped slide them off while I continued to hold back the flood. Finally I was able to sit down and relax! It felt soooo good! After Luke went we sat in our seats and he wrapped his strong arms around me and asked to do it again.
Christysalma Christysalma
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012