Locked Out!

So one day I was coming home from school and I had to pee really badly but i figured I could hold myself till I got home which I did. But then to my surprise I had forgotten my keys of the house and had to wait at least an hour till anybody got home. I was standing there. Squirming and squeezing my legs. I thought I was going to burst. I stood there in front of the door doing the Pee pee dance and walking around cause I couldn't stand still anymore. Then I felt leakage in my panties and my first squirt came out. I was panicking and it was making it even worse. I thought maybe if I sit down and squeeze my legs very hard that it would stop. I started holding my crotch tightly and felt a second squirt creep out my panties were pretty much soaked. But no wet spot yet.i probably still had to wait a half an hour. I couldn't hold it anymore I felt really bad. I actually didn't want to wet myself. But the time was up I was siting on the garden chair. And without even a squirt warning everything came out. I tried to stop it, but I couldn't and the relief was just to big that I let it all go on that chair. It just kept coming I sat there peeing for about two minutes. My jeans were soaked back and front and I left I giant puddle on the chair. Then my cousin came to open the door. And he looked at me like what happened. But because it had rained the day before. I said that I slipped in a puddle with my bike and fell in it. I was to shy to tell my cousin that I wet my pants.
Ninniwinks Ninniwinks
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Puddles...or rain...always a good excuse to get wet!

The relief feels amazing, doesn't it?

very nice!:)

i would love to lose control in that way!