Peeing On My Way Home

I was in dans class and it finished. So we all got changed. I chatted with my friends for a while, then jumped on my bike to go home. As I was riding my bike, I started to think about peeing, and felt a urge to pee. But I didn't have to go bad, like just a little bit. I would definitely make it home. But i was feeling naughty and was wearing my sweat pants. So nobody would see it. So as I continued riding is started to push. And rub my crotch a little. And like a drop came out. It felt so good. As I was of the busy street and into the ally. A spurt came out. It felt amazing... I just wanted to keep on peeing. But I didn't want to wet my pants completely. I eventually turned into the other street. Which is even more less busy. And because it had snowed a couple of days ago. But now it was pretty much ice. And it was pretty wobbly. So as I came on the bobbles another spurt came out. And my panties were very wet. But I had dark sweat pants so you couldn't see. But because my panties were wet, so another spurt came out. And I thought I was gonna loose control completely but I stopped it in time. And I arrived home and my grandma didn't see anything, so I was happy and I had just wet my pants and nobody ever knew.
Ninniwinks Ninniwinks
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I can only imagine how good it felt...riding along, grinding on the hard bike seat while getting wet and turned on....mmmmmm

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!! nice as um doing
i always wet my pants butt not completly to no one know
but sometimes i lose my control and peed myself it's really amazing try it