I Have Been Waiting All Afternoon...

...and I won't be able to wait much longer. I haven't been to the bathroom all day, and all that coffee is NOT helping!

Bentwood Bentwood
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3 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I wish I was there! I'm sure I would have had an ****** just watching you.

As it happens, I did wind up peeing my pants. I promised myself I would wait until six o'colck and lost the battle. Ad yes, it happened while I was sitting, so mountain2071 wins the prize for prediction, if not for poetry, ;-)

Well ... if you soaked your panties ... and anything else you were wearing ... and you enjoyed the experience ... then maybe the coffee _did_ help ;-) So you didn't go all day? ... Then I'm sure you were quite desperate ... doing that squirming dance? Mmmmm -- I'll bet that was quite exciting ... If I were there, I would ask you to sit on my lap. I'm very sure the the squirming ... followed by some warm wetness would be heavenly 8-P