Omg Im About To Burst..

Omg ive not been for a pee all day and ii am absolubtly bursting.

ii keep thinking im going 2 pee and have 2 grab myself.

Im talking on msn to somee guys about it and they are encouraging me 2 hold.. But ii dont no how much longaa ii can go..

If anyone wants a chat add me on msn.

But Hurry Coz ill wet soon

SexyBabeex SexyBabeex
22-25, F
4 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Do u have any other way that email sweetheart

I would love to have you setting on my lap so I could feel you squirming around when you are about to pee your pants. Would you like to make that wet spot on my jeans bigger?

Very Sexy. I also loved your story about grabbing your crotch when you have to pee. That's a big turn on. It was especially sexy picturing you dribbling. Thanks.<br />

hey Im going to add you on msn.