Squriming And Leaking

omg, i've been sitting here checking out stories and drinking water, getting hotter and hotter, and just now realized how bad i have to pee!  if i stand up i'll pee my pants totally, so i'm just sitting here, squirming and holding myself and hoping it gets better...but i know it won't...and i'll have wet my pants again, and feel that warmth spread down my legs, making me feel so naughty...but i love it

wetgirl78 wetgirl78
31-35, F
8 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I too know and love that naughty feeling of the warm wetness spreading down my thighs and so most often wet my pants standing up. Unfortunately, it is only warm for a short while. But, I enjoy being a pants wetter, all to much and often cannot control the urge to do so! Good thing they have adult diapers for people like me (us?) .

Well, I hope that you enjoyed that nice warm feeling, and are still enjoying it often....

i am just going to go out on my deck and let it all go i want to just go and its not far away. B back soon, i will.

Ohh ohh tell us more! How did it go?

sounds like a most heavenly position to be in....aahhh

mm. yup. Fun things happen when sitting in front of EP with a full bladder :)

nice story

Sounds yummy. Wish I was there to share the fun with you...or at least just to watch it happen.