I Am Usually Soooo Careful...........but

A few weeks back, i was melting candle wax on hob of cooker, and walked out of kitchen, i got side tracked and sat and watched a bit of telly, then wandered into utility room, doing stuff (this is next to the kitchen) came out of there and wandered into a grey smoke filled room. I was taken aback whilst the penny dropped, then i became aware of a yellow glow on my left hand side where the cooker is, and omg it's a sight you don't see everyday !

i was 'reasonably' calm and put teatowel under cold tap and wrang it through and threw it over top of the metal jug which had about 3 foot flames and smoke above that. Then the panic set in. i phoned my mate and she is mega sensible who advised me to open all doors and windows, - i did but the smoke really does get you right at the back of the throat and gave me sore throat. i had gingerly looked under the tea towel to see if flames had gone, oh der obviously, however i then proceeded to take jug in back garden, i didn't want it in the house. But from that day to this, i feel like someone was looking out for me. It could have been so much worse, and there was no damage apart from a tiny amount of soot on ceiling that u would have to look for.

I am utterly careful now and stick to doing one job at a time, not several. It can happen to anyone.

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I never sling mud........well as far as the idiot ex is concerned i do, but that's deserved! As for water i flick it about to dampen things down when i'm in a cheeky mood! so i take it's CRYSTAL CLEAR now?

It's to make candles, as i love them as much as EP rofl! and yes i have 5 burners on my cooker and a double hotplate. It's with the hotplate that i melt the wax in metal jug...........god this must be about as clear as mud!!

Yes in the 'proper' equipment that i have for it. It was a metal measuring jug to melt wax in, i forgot about it and BAM............Flames!!!! have done the wax thing a few times since then, and never take my eyes off it. I am no longer complacent.

Thank you, luckily no damage but looking back i can laugh, but at the time it was horrendous! Someone i know had sprayed flea spray around her kitchen, as her cat had fleas bad one summer, and later on that evening she put her oven on as usual to cook dinner, only to find flames shooting out the bottom of her cooker, so easily done. But yeah after that experience i do 'get it 'now !