Flambe Steaks Dia.... Holy F@ck!

A long long time ago I was given a book called "The Batchelors Guide to Warding Off Starvation."  It was a great book with easy recipies that taste amazing.

Well one of them was Flambe Steaks Diane.  Basically, and this was a long time ago so its a bit fuzzy, you cut steakes into stirfry strips fry them up with onions and mushrooms and stuff.  Then you add some cooking brandy and light it on fire.

So I start off on this dish and all was going well.  The kitchen smelled wonderfully and the family was amazed at my cooking prowness.  Then it came time for the brandy.  I have never cooked with brandy, and definately neever have lit it on fire, so we weren't sure what to expect.  Because safety always comes first, we poured some in a table spoon and lit it on fire.  The spoon burned with a nice small flame.  The flame was a pretty blue and we felt much better about what we were about to do.

OK now pay attention.  This is your safety tip for the day.  A tablespoon of brandy burns much differently than the half cup, or full cup, or what ever it was we dumped in that pan.  Brandy also burns differently in a tablespoon at room temperature than it does when you heat it up to its flash point in an electric skillet on your counter top.  The result was a WHOOMP! and a fireball that engulfed the cupboards.  I grabbed the pan and stood in the middle of the kitchen in shock till the pan flames subsided.  Luckily the flash flame wasn't enough to catch that old house on fire, but its as close as I've come.

Well, except when we decided to light some gun powder in a jam jar lid.  That burnt a hole in the counter but all in all it wasn't as dramatic.

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8 Responses Mar 12, 2010

This is the tip of the iceberg. Potatoe cannons. Thats where the real fun is.

I LMAO @ this story. Sounds like you had loads of fun growing up too

Duly noted!! ;) If I ever decide to venture into cooking with Brandy, I'll definitely think of your story! LOL

Everytime I read I still smile. By the way it tastes amazing. Even on the burnt side :)

OMG, I laughed so hard reading this....too funny!! Glad it wasn't too much of a disaster zone! LMAO

lol No I didn't know that. I usually only burn Pork!

LOL nice that reminds me of chicken on the Bar-B-Que did you know chicken is famable I mean really flamable

The gunpower sparkles and crackles if you use a little bit. All it takes is a shaky hand though and its a whole different situation. Growing up on a farm we lots of opportunities like that. We used to write our names in the snow with gasoline at night and light it up to see your name in blue flames, and went through sacks of potatoes in our potatoe cannons.