Dr's Visit

I went for a check up today...I go every other month.....I have breast cancer, stage 3. My son took me....he wont let me go alone...I dont like when one of my children come with me..... as the doctor speaks you see all these emotions fly by there face. The doctor said im doing fine. Ordered all these tests, ct scan, blood work and im thinking........ if im ok why all the test and why wont they remove my port? Then my cousin who lives upstate, calls me to see how im doing etc....and tells me my exboyfriend .....is asking about me....dude you walked out....is it some kind of torture, i never want to see or hear from you again......anyway, sometimes i feel like a alien....everybody is so mean and selfish...I wonder sometimes what happened to the human race? Anyway I have a headache. I feel like the only one on the planet
barabal barabal
46-50, F
Aug 30, 2012