Books! Oh What Joy!

I love books especially old books with their textured covers and that pungent aroma as you turn the pages. They have taken me so many places I would never have been able to visit. My imagination has been fired with colorful descriptions and smells of quiet hidden glens, busy streets, pastoral settings and snow capped mountains. I have been witness to the gentle moments of love, the tauntings of children at play, the violent actions created by anger and the sad quiet times watching a descending coffin.

I may have a goal when I first open a book but a word, a phrase or an idea will detour me onto a tangent of new information and exciting ideas. Even a search in the dictionary for a definition generally leads to me sidestepping to two or three other words.

If I could give one gift to the world it would be the book of their choice so that they too may enjoy the beauty of the written word, the excitement of a good phrase and the fulfillment of the quest it may take them on.

rickdogood rickdogood
56-60, F
Aug 14, 2007