I Love Writing

I love writing even though i'm not good at i like to try and express my feeling in story form so people understand wat i think about wat i might have to say some day.
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Thank you for that advice. :)

The best advice I ever got was from Stephen King. In essence he said set aside a block of time to write every day. During that time you write whatever you want but you must keep writing and stop as soon as that time has expired. He also said reading daily is key to being a better writer. As for what I have learned for myself, the dictionary is one of the most over looked books for casual reading. It may sound boring but the richer your vocabulary is, the more interesting your story becomes.

Life is right-just write everything you can down and one day you will have maybe many stories...

yes it's a good habit, keep it up,,u don't even know one day u will become a great story teller.