Roses And Blood

You told me you loved me,
you said you said about me for always.
Beauty was a lie on your dear face.
Kisses and hugs sewed in our hearts,
our souls combine,
our lips are sealed.
My stranger of the night,
how much I thought you'll never betray me.
Rings and dimonds, gifts and jews,
all the things I never wanted,
all the things you gave to me,
worthless to my darken spirit.

Thought we would last forever,
my happy ever after,
but it was all a joke,
to you not me.
I gave you my heart,
you sliced it in two,
don't you see how much that wounded me?
"Sweetie, I'll love you forever," is what you whispered to me,
I've never trusted easily,
but you twisted me so badly.
Now I can't even glance at you,
the hatred I feel swollen.

Lost love, lost soul, lost kisses in the rain.
I miss your magical touch,
the way you made me feel alive,
but it was just an act,
just to get what you wanted,
then you left me alone,
crying on the floor,
with only the wind as a friend.
I cried for weeks,
then I grew strong,
learnt to hate,
learnt to never forgive,
hope your proud of what you turned me into....

mysteryteen mysteryteen
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 14, 2011

Oh God you made me cry :(

Beautiful. Speaks to my soul <3