Sad Poem

Life goes by, the speeding, ever-changing clocks, and still I sit here and wonder why, to you, my heart, automatically flocks? I am letting go, of something I've held onto for so long, but still I know, that in the end, this will be good for us, because whether we're together or not, we still make each other strong.
You brought my life to a place, that I could've never reached without you, even though I'll never feel your warm embrace, still my love remains forever true.
Releasing the feelings I have for thee, will not be easy, to say the least, but I know this is best for you and me, and around my heart, I'll put a boundary, where no one will pass through, because it still does, and will always belong to you.
karikaiba karikaiba
22-25, F
Dec 15, 2012