My own mom ses im fat, if 85 pounds is fat, well typical for her model type, she only weighs about 100ish pounds, over that she ses shes fat.
wen i look @ the popular girls @ school,i put my hed downand think "ugh i wish i was sooo pretty"... on theyre myspace and formsprings it ses stuff like "i may not b drop ded gorges but im me" i c that and i want2 scream!! i got braces and glasses (i ♥ my glasses)also, gee sure helps with mi Ugly Girl look.
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1 Response Jun 25, 2010

hmmm... 85 punds is not that fat. you probably had a little typo there >_<<br />
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Im 5'7ish and 140 pounds. Sometimes i feel fat when i next to those skinny models on the train, but when im around the girls in my school i feel reallyy skinny sometimes. ITs weird right?<br />
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You need to stop comparing yourself to others. Thats what i did, and my confidence level became kind of high. <br />
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oh a btw i use to have braces, :DD. they make your teeth soo pretty. Its worth the wait.<br />
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i wear glass too. they make me look smart and sophiscated. (did i spell it righ?? lol)