Why Me?

I never understand why I have to be the ugly one. I always feel like the ugliest person when I am around other people. I am fat(yes really, not just 20 lbs overweight) I wish I could be beautiful. I want more than to be "pretty on the inside" I know that's shallow, but who doesn't want to be beautiful. Who doesn't want a nice figure and a pretty face?
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4 Responses Aug 3, 2010

lauren4216 really? honestly? omg i wish some of us had to worry about wrinkles, and getting old, and not getting males attention......... try going out thinking ya look good and constaly getting laughed at joked about and no attention other than that and never wanting to leave ya house at all cause ya know it comes eachtime ya go out......don't take someone who is truly ruined by the way people look at them and tell them being pretty isnt all its cracked up to be, u should be ashamed! no u should be forced into looking like some of us not the ones with one pimple and 30 punds overweight, i mean the ones with glasses, cystic acne, 50 pounds overweight, and scars all over their face and then tell us how being pretty isnt all its cracked up to be.

be glad you are not bound by the shackles of beauty. When you are beautiful you have so much to lose--and are always have insecurities. Most beautiful women fear the day that their beauty will wane and I will get wrinkles. It's like their life is over--they will have to adjust to a new life, less attention from men etc etc

I don't think its shallow at all to want to have a pretty face a nice figure. Its normal to me. Im going through the same thing. I just always feel like im the ugliest person in my grade at school. Don't worry, you're not the only one dearie. But always remember, everyone has a bit of beautiful in them.

I use to feel the same way. Sometimes i still do. I learn to acept my uniquness (lol) and just live life. <br />
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Nothing is wrong with a little extra pounds. Guys like curves. T.T<br />
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So work it gurll. lol