I Am Sick And Tired Of Being Ugly..............................

Today has been a very bad day so I really need to vent!!!!!   I am 48 andI am so ugly. So I know personally how it is to be an "unattractive" woman. I think that most people would consider me as *Very* ugly, instead of simply *Ugly*, judging by the comments I have recieved from people. I am fairly used to the comments by now (thats not to say they dont really hurt... each one really hurts.)..... usually men will treat me in one of 3 ways, either they will bully me and make comments or they will ignore me or sometimes (less commonly) they would be my friend. I do wish men would treat me as a human being but many of them don"t do that so I seek out girls to be my friends rather than guys. I also think that my looks have gotten in the way as far as employment. When for an example I tried a couple of times to get a waitress job but the employers seem to immediately pass me by because they wanted the prettier girl. I knew they were trying to say because I myself an ugly and I know it and at least it weeds the shallow people out of my life.....
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You are far too hard on yourself. You are an attractive looking woman to me and I think you look smart and seem like a lovely person.
Dont put yourself down. P.S I love to see a woman wearing glasses.

Thanks so much for the nice words it means more than u know.....Do u think we can become friends I will add u to my circlle hope to hear from u soon..

in your profile pic u looking very nice actually..

Thanks it means more than u know.....

if that is you in the picture by no means are you ugly. I would say you look sophisticated and someone I would one to get to know. You are way to hard on your self.

Thanks would u like to be friends I will add u into my circle hope u hear from u soon..

your welcome. sure why not good friends are hard to come by these days.

Boy u said it.....

You are not ugly, luv. Cheer up, live life, and take every day as a gift.

Thanks so much I wrote this story a long time ago i was suprised to still hear that it was still up and people are still reading it Thanks from the bottom of my heart...

there is a lot one can do to make them selves look better ...<br />
<br />
<br />
since i do make overs for a living,<br />
<br />
id start with a hair cut then maybe get a diff type of eye glsss or contacts... put a smile on ur face ....

Thanks that really made me feel better about myself. I will give it a try...Thanks a again.

Hey if you want t o tak or chat sometime we can ,ok,m do not be down on yourself so much , all people have good thigs inside them ,Ok stand up and be proud <br />
<br />
<br />
sissy dave

Thanks It would mean so much to me if we became friends Hope to hear from you soon

Hi there, <br />
I don't think you are ugly at all. What I do see is a very sweet and polite woman who is respectful and kind to others. You are likely a wonderful friend and the world needs more beautiful people like you.<br />
I'd love to be friends, just add me ok?

Thanks for reading and for the kind words it would mean so much to me if we can become friends so I will add you looking forward to getting to know you. Thanks again.

Man, Im pretty irritated ad AAAD's story about his beautiful wife and his rich life, Im not sure how all of this was supposed to console anyone, even though he is saying that hes unattractive and got a beautiful woman, 1 we all know that rich men no matter how they look can get a beuatiful woman and 2 hes still showing how much (EVEN ugly ones) place importance on looks. By the way, I could NEVER live 38 yrs with someone and not even know for sure if they love me, just cause I like to look at them and show them off? Wow men are really so stupid sometimes- I want to be with someone who will love me as I am, love me 30 pounds heavier, love me broke, love me in bad health etc. <br />
and no matter what someone looks like, they should not put up with abuse-EP is a great site too, b/c I swear no matter what you got going on, there is SOMEONE and probably even a GROUP of someones who will like and be attracted to you-

Thanks for sharing your kind words they really mean so much to me. If we are not friends could you friend me? You may also message me..I will be waiting............

Don't be depressed for this, just be yourself, there's always someone will love you as you're.

Let me start by saying thans for reading such a old story i was giving up but tonight i decided to see if anyone replied and i am glad i did thanks for being so nice. Friend me if u like?

oh lady...I remember my mother told me once "the pretty girls get used first"...and boy was that true. I was a very, awkward child. I'm the epitome of that ugly duckling=swan theory. And, i'll tell ya... grass is never greener. I miss my uni-brow and bad perm that made my hair look like a mushroom... my thick glasses...bcuz with all of that came a freedom to not attract people to not have to deal with worthless men who just want sex, or females who just want to be near you enough to find your faults. =(

Let me startoff by saying sorry it has taking me so long in writing back I wrote this story a long time ago and kept checking and no replies but tonight i looked and saw yours i just wanted to thank you my mom told me the same thing..Thanks for reading such an old story have a good night.

Thankyou all for reading my story it means so much to me. I loved each one of your comments. Im sorry it has taken so long to reply. You all have a good day! Thanks again

First of all, you must stop thinking of yourself and refering to yourself as "UGLY". If you hear anything enough, you eventually believe, internalize and become affected.<br />
<br />
I wish you would try to focus on the positive things about youself, which surely exists! <br />
<br />
Albeit, it might be your personality, your smile, your eyes, your generosity, your kind heartedness,your loyalty, dedication, sense of humor,ect....the list is endless. <br />
<br />
If you are unable to find any redeeming qualities about yourself, you are obviously not seeing things ob<x>jectively or correctly. If that is the case, your lack of self worth has gone far beyond dissatisfaction with your physical appearance and I suggest you seriously consider seeking professional counseling. <br />
<br />
You are so much more than a pretty face. Have you ever seen the film, "Shallow Hal"? A beautiful face and body does NOT guarentee a beautiful heart or demeanor. <br />
<br />
I really hope that you learn to love and embrace your inner beauty. Because inner beauty never grows old and never gains weight.

Bearty is in the eyes of the beholder.


i dont judg anyone . respect everyone . i was an ugly youngster . and an ugly adult . my wife is gorgeous . i have had her 38years . i am 12 years older than her . when she was age16 her mum said get a job or dont come home . she was crying in the street . i said tell daddy every babbygirl . now .i might be able to help you . she said about her mum wanting her to get a job or dont come home . i said your mum loves you she wont meen it . i gave sue my address i said you can live with me . i am living alone i just sleep there sometimes when i am not making money . you wont see much of me the house will be yours most of the time . i put my phone number on her hand . an hour later she wanted to live in my house . as weeks went by i gave her money to make the house into a home . i could not believe my luck . i have always been lucky making money everything i tuch turns to money . i allowed her to do as she pleased with my house . she made it her own . i loved it and i started to love her . susan is far to good for the likes of me . so i did not say i loved her . after about a year or more . i was sleeping she came to my room . wanting sex . i said you dont have to do anything you dont want to babbygirl . i called her babbygirl from the first day i seen her . and all the time after . i looked upon her as my babbygirl that needed me looking after her . she never had a job but she had me . and all the money she needed my money was hears . that was the only thing i was good at making money . my daddy was a very good teacher . i learned from him . but i got better at it . i achieved financial freedom by the time i was age31years young . my little susan wanted for nothing ever . everthing i did i did it for her . she loved having a beautifull car . and a very big house . would say a gorgeous woman needs a gorgeous car . i lett her do as she pleasesis everyday . she loved to go shoping with her friends. having dinner in town . doing just as she pleaseis all day without having to work . we had a cleaning lady to do everything around the house we still do . she is a lot older now the cleaning lady but weboth love her . i have just got a youngster age 18years old to live in and help her with the house work . we have 6 bedrooms . me and sue just need one . my daddy always said one can never have a house that is to big . one can by things to sell to uses the room up . then . if one has things to sell one is never without money . he learned me good . i learned everything from my daddy . more than i did at schooll . one can not learn to make money at school . my susan loved having money if and when she needed it . i no i loved her for 38years . i never new if she loved me she never said . an ugly get like me . was so lucky just to have such a gorgeous woman in my life . i loved taking her out showing her of to my friends . all my male friends would be talking to my sue . she always went home with me . i dont do jealousy . i dislike anykind of jealousy . i could never imagine my life without her now .

I'm sorry you're going through this. I hope you find a way to see the "inside you" cause from what I've seen you're beautiful. That's the you I get to see.