Abnormally Ugly

i have felt ugly since i was 13.i have a big face on a short petite body.i am not very short but actually my legs are short.i look abnormal.i have always been made fun of by my relatives and friends. it was not a big issue for me when i was in school . i always knew that i am ugly but i was stupid coz i thought that i''ll do good in studies and that looks are not so important in life.but my life became like hell when i went to college. once we were going to college by our college van. one girl who used to talk a lot she pointed toward me and said hey look at you. your face is so big. oh my God it is too big. everyone started looking at me and i wanted to cry but i did not i just kept staring at that girl. then she laughed and said hey c'mon i was just joking look at mine face she holded her small and gogeous face see mine is big too so big isn;t it? i wonder why did she need to say that when i already knew that and everyone knew that.. i cried alot.this is just one incident. i had no one to share all this with. i knew my parents won't understand me. i had no friends. i was depressed but i did not know that i was. i used to spend most of my time crying . i changed my college. but i was stupid . things were not going to change by changing places. i have to carry my ugly face with me everywhere. i had a good friend in new college but she left after first year. i got a new friend. i did not approach her for friendship i could not dare. it was she. it broke me when i heard her talking about me at my back. she was laughing at me. she was my last friend in life . here are lots of similar incidents. somehow i completed my college. now i stay at home. i never leave home except when i need to go to my doctors.

no one has ever liked me and no one would ever like me in future..no one wants to talk to me. eyes of the people staring at me tell me that i don't deserve to be alive.i have to spend my life alone .life is so scary! only relaxation is that it will end one day Thinking about death gives peace to my mind.i do believe in karmas. i got the life i deserve.i can't complain to God.

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You think you are ugly look at me. No matter how much I improve myself, IE: education, excellent paying job, nice car, house I cant even get a single female to look at me. I am abnormally ugly, you are not so be happy.

You look beautiful to me. Not to creepy :p

I think you're being a bit too hard on yourself, I too have issues with the way I look or more importantly, what people think I look like. I find myself obsessing over it at times, especially when I'm going through rough times. What helps me get through it is reminding myself that we are all different, and I never associate with people who judge others ba<x>sed on looks.

I feel the same way too having a big face with a little body. I Am asian and always thought that most asians are pretty, but what happened to me I turned out ugly.

I do not think your ugly....I have friends...I guess some are more attractive than others...but a person should be judged on what is on the inside...having a good heart...being friendly...caring....a smile...<br />
I think you would be the kind of young lady that would be the best kind of friend to have.....<br />
<br />
Have a great day.....<br />


Im sure youre gorgous :)

to be different is a blessing! <br />
When I was a little girl growing up my mother would tell me how ugly I was. Sometimes she made fun of the way I looked. She would say to me “I don't know who you look like or who you took after but it’s definitely not from my side of the family, you are so ugly, you have no chin, so fat and stupid! ”And then some times when she was angry She would scream those words and other words over and over to me and whip me with my dad’s belt. I was 4 or 5 years old when she started doing that to me and she remained like that until I ran away from home at 16. I believed her words after all she was my mother. As I got older my mother had hoped I would change. But I didn’t in her eyes. I got uglier and fatter and more disgusting to her.<br />
When I would go to the mall, school, the park every where people would look at me and I thought they were staring at me because I was so ugly. I felt people treated me different because I was so ugly.<br />
Some people are not nice to me when they first meet me but nice to others when they first meet them..I guess it bothers me a little but I’m use to it. I have my mother to thank for that.<br />
I grew up hating myself and I didn’t know why. Then one day it hit me, I realized my mother hated herself. She hated her life with my dad. She hated herself so much she tried to put all her hate into me. <br />
I may not be beautiful, smart or talented but I have self worth and I have a good heart and now I have a good life. Life is what you make of it. You can have a good life too. You have to choose. To give up on your life is weak. You are letting the cruel people, the insecure people win.<br />
If I didn't snap out of my sadness when I was 25 years old and realized my mother was wrong I wouldn’t be alive today

Well maybe you are different ? Use it to your advantage

I'm sure you aren't ugly and i'm sorry people have been so cruel to you. If you want i'd love to befriend you on here and just chat. It's always nice to talk to someone online =)<br />
<br />
And i'm not a perv or anything haha xD

thanks for comments. i'll try to feel better.

I have a similar problem.I'm way too tall and thick also.I tower over most guys and stronger then most of them.Obviously they don't want me ,I was teased merciless in school.I do understand.I'm a good person but looks keep all away.