Nothing To Lose

I have been working out non-stop since I came home. My face has been getting thinner and my waist size has actully dropped two inches. I got on the sacale and it says I have gained two pounds "WTF". I have been llittlerly killing myself at the gym, staying on target with healthy foods and changing up my workout habbits. How in the hell could I have gained two more pounds than before I went on a health kick. This bod needs to remember how it used to look and how hard I used to push it to the limits while I was on active duty. I also noticed the amount of water I require these days, I deem to dehydrate alot faster now that I have turned 32. I guess I'll just keep up the fire on this body that seems to be fighting me.
eatpaintchips eatpaintchips
26-30, M
May 8, 2012