I'm Ugly & Fat

I just feel terrible, all the girls at school are pretty- even the overweight girls. And then there's me. Nothing about me is pretty, terrible personality, ugly face, terrible skin, my stomach is fat so I can never just wear a shirt because my rolls would show. Giant thighs and butt, fat face, small lips, huge forehead, funny shaped head. I dont know what to do- I feel intimidated by everyone when I go to the mall because they are so much better than me and I wish I was them.
Earlie today I even thought about starving myself and that scared me because I know I'm not that stupid. The problem is that I LOVE food. I just don't understand why I can eat the same amount of food as other girls at school and be fat when they're skinny.
I'm 5'4" and 145 pounds. I love healthy food but I love bad food just as much. How do I control myself?
I'm just so frustrated
Unicorn1039 Unicorn1039
18-21, F
1 Response May 14, 2012

Just make sure you do a little bit of physical activity everyday weather going for a walk or a 30 minutes of pilates but if you sit and eat and do nothing anyone will gain weight dont worry about your apperance too much looking good isn't everything it's mostly confidence and self love that will make people radiat towards you.