I Am Ugly

Bad genes you might say. I've never been a pretty girl not because I have a bad hairstyle or makeup. My bone structure is awfully manly and if I had a short hairstyle and I was wearing a suit you would point fingers at me saying 'who's that ugly boy?'.
I'm pretty used to my giant bumpy nose, big ears and all other 'unstereotypiclally beautiful' features. I am ugly I get it. However sometimes I can't take it, I lock myself at home and sit there without going outside.

Nobody has ever complimented me nor called me beautiful . The last comment I got was from a guy who knows my mother (who is very beautiful by the way) and it did sound like this 'so umm... You're her daughter... You don't look like one because ummm.. Well your nose is so massive and your bone structure is... I gotta go' . So those are only 'compliments' I get :)

Despite the depression and other bad things I got some positivity left. For example I understand how anti-social people feel and I feel comfortable talking to ones who usually hang out in the shadows avoiding human contact.

My best friend is very beautiful and I usually feel worthless when I am with her however I'm trying to overcome this and I hope that one day I will absolutely get used to the fact that I'm ugly :)
BlindFate BlindFate
18-21, F
Sep 24, 2012