I Don't Fudgen Care Anymore!

I only feel ugly because when I look in the mirror I see the bad things about me and the things that happen to me. Bullying is the biggest problam of them all! Kassity black something was a big bully to me and lots of other kids. Sure I got back at her without anyone knowing it was me but that won't satisfy me, no when I find her she will regret every thing but this is a different story... she and another girl told me I was ugly but maybe that was because that's what they where and still are on the inside, yes that is the reason. I have gotten shy because I have always feard of people judging me WELL NO MORE! I don't fudgen care anymore! I learned I can't change the way I look and neither am I ugly. Because of bullying I have thought that if I was to die no one would care but then I learned not all humans are evill nore bad. If this happens again they will regret it for what they did to me. I am not ugly and neither is anyone else! I found things I am great at and things I like about myself you should too!
Muwahahaha Muwahahaha
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

You are right you are not ugly. Those bullies are probably ugly and they know in so they take there anger out on you. Just keep telling yourself your beautiful and one day you will. Stay strong.

don't ever let no one put you down :)

I stand up for myself and they don't wana back down but I wont give up! thanks by the way. :)

just remember your opinion is the only one that matters :) no problem