Well Kinda

i always feel ugly wen im with my best friend
she makes me feel fat even though im 115 n 5'3
and she makes me feel like im so ugly cuz guys seem to like her more
i hav to work hard to get that same attention

i kno she doesnt do it on purpose..she has no idea shes doing it acualli

i guess im jealous
DarktwistedFantasy DarktwistedFantasy
18-21, F
3 Responses May 25, 2007

I don't think you're ugly, I think that ur friend is a troll, and you're a fairy...

I know who you feel I have had to put up with it all my life I finally thought I had meet mr wright litterly his last name was wright LOL we married and everything was going ok till the dreaded day i had my surgery and was left disfigured he walked out on me as he could not handle the looks we where getting from people. <br />
<br />
they funny thing thow is that after we split I meet up with a guy from when I was in my teens and we have now been living togeather 4 years and I could not be happier <br />
<br />
so hold your head hi remember that it is what's on the inside not the out and one day your true love will find you

trust me i know what you mean my friekd is so pretty and she will sit there and say she is fat just to say it you know she has an amazing boyfriend who would do anythign for her... and ihavent ahd a boyfriend ina year.. so iknow what you mean