Looking Through the Glass

I know I am ugly. People don't have to tell me. They just reinstate what I already know. I feel invisable. Like no one sees the fat ugly chcik. I dont know why I even try. I mean, I will always be this way, so why not embrace it, right?
LadyRant LadyRant
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 7, 2007

Hi,<br />
I think i'm like you because every time people look at me weird i think they think i'm ugly....<br />
Every body tells me you are what you are but i dont want to be what i am....<br />
i'm so desperate

Hi,<br />
Listen the important thing to remember in life is that it is NOT important what others think of you,...however if you perceive yourself in a negative way then that IS wrong!<br />
We are who we are & when you say that you only see this fat & ugly person then i bet that you are not seeing the beautiful person inside.<br />
If you would ever like to talk ( or if you are looking for a longterm friend then that is great too), but please feel free to contact me o.k.<br />
Take care & perhaps i will hear from you soon.