And I'm Tired of It.

i hate the fact that my appearance and feeling ugly is always in my head. it's always my number one worry. and it's a constant worry. it never goes away.

But lately i haven't been wearing my make-up. my boyfriend of almost 2 months came over a lot while my parents were away and i thought it would be stupid if i had a face full of make-up. So i wore none. I feel so good about it. It took me like 2 months before i started taking off my make-up before bed with my ex. It feels good not to worry about what he might think when he sees what i 'really' look like, without all the makeup. Now i know he likes me how i really look.

jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
4 Responses Jan 13, 2009

I am the same I cant go out of the door without it on!<br />
I wish i could not wear make up but my eyes look like pin holes without mascara!<br />
Good for you hun and good on ur fella for complimenting you on your natural beauty I might try and start taking a bit more off everyday because I think when you have a night out when you havent work make up for ages makes you feel extra sexy anyway!!

i have to wear makeup you should see mee without it!

Yep. I've always wished i could be one of those girls like you and not worn makeup!<br />
I'm actually really happy with myself. I'm getting so much better.

Me I hardly ever wear make up....I have known those that would come to work on a grave yard shift...and need to wear make up...Even when they were waa guard post all alone....Go figure