Trying To Be Happy About It.

I always feel like I like a boy. I have hairy arms, little bit of brown hair above my lip that I always trim. Boys ask me out, but I only like one boy since 1st grade. I am now in 7th. My mustash thingy kinda quit being brown from the blonde dye!(YAY) But I have zits here n there and blackheads. :( What do I do? Also I am shy.This one girl said I was pretty, but I don't exactly feel like it.

BiGreenTractor BiGreenTractor
13-15, F
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

Oh my gosh, you are so beautiful, and don't you forget it! You're such a sweet and thoughtful person and I love hearing you talk about things because you always have really deep things to say!<br />
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And acne's no big deal! Some of us unfortunately have to get it :( It doesn't change who you are on the inside.<br />
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And I think it would really help if one of these days, you just got up and went over to those people who are always drumming on the lunch table, and be like, "Shut up, fools! Go drum somewhere else!" It would be so amazing! And it would certainly help your shyness. :)<br />
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Just remember that we all love you!<br />