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I Blame Myself As A Mother

As a mother, especially - I blame myself for everything that is wrong with my kids.  Their lack of friends, their grades, their hygeine habits, their messy rooms.  Everything I see in them that needs improvement is because I am a lousy mother and did not teach them better.  I am taking on the reponsibility 100% and it feels heavy to carry. 

How do I release this ingrained belief?  What personality type is this and how can I help myself?  Any books out there on this subject?
armijo armijo 41-45 1 Response Jul 16, 2010

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I am sorry to hear and I only wish I could help.just let me say this I'd be surprised if it was all your fault,in fact I don't believe you should feel so responsable for them,they all have their own characters and not always so easy to have control over it. Tell yourself if you failed it is not your fault at all,I too raised a young man that has the same type of person and it is not because wife and I did not try to teach him better,so you see...he has his own responsability now...Don't blame yourself for your kids ,you hear? Good luck my dear. My heart is with you.<br />