I always blame myself for everything that goes wrong and its only because i am smart enough to make everything go wrong
My life my all decisions have always been wrong and they will always be wrong and if anything is wrong it has to be my fault because it is
Guess i will always have to say
apersonlikeme apersonlikeme
18-21, M
1 Response May 16, 2012

You blame yourself because I'm guessing in the past you didn't feel loved for who you were and that has caused you to feel inadequate in every aspect of your being. See it for what it is, tell me what makes you any less of a human being? What makes every little thing your fault? You deserve to be happy and carefree, you don't need to put yourself down all the time because its just unnecessary. People aren't here to judge you, so why should you judge yourself? Its hard, I know it is but please try to see the wonderful person in yourself that I see.<br />
<br />
In the support group I'm with we all have to find 45 positive things about ourselves, write them down and place them where we will see them the most. Why don't you try it as well? Don't feel bad if you can't find anything at first, it took me a week to write one thing down and the aid of the rest of the group (who made me write the rest even though I was very hesitant) I got it up to 19 things over 2 weeks.