YES I Love My Furry Ones...

Let's see I just ordered some of these things yesterday:

My Chocolate  Labs each get a huge bone, new dog bowls, a new pillow for their dog bedding and a treat stocking.

My JRT's are getting new chew toys, smaller bones, and a treat stocking.

My dachhunds are getting new chew toys, those little peek a boo blankets, a new set of dog bowls (they are using their siblings hand me downs right now) petite bones, chew toys, and a treat stocking.

Although it seems I favor my dachhunds it is not that. They are the newest members of my family and have the least.  I love all my little furry fuffies.



fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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2 Responses Oct 25, 2008

Good idea Tas! i think I will do that although i do donate money throughout the year to them.

I buy my animals Xmas prezzies but also give food for the animal shelters .. I want to do more for the dogs there as my pets are very spoilt and want for nothing.