Changing Attitudes..hopefully

When i was a little girl, unfortunatley I would often come across homeless people in the street, especially London. As ever they would have signs begging for money or be selling magazines.

Now my mum and dad not knowing any better, would pull me away or even walk the other way, saying to me that these people would steal my money, they are druggies or alcoholics, they didn't work by choice!  so as a little girl that's what i thought and never gave money or bought the magazine called 'The big issue'.

Its wasn't until a few years ago, that I watched a t.v programme, that was about homeless people and how they ended up on the streets, not always their fault! 

The programme also explained how the big issue helps the homeless to start up their own business selling the magazines, they buy a certain amount of magazines for a small price then sell them to me for two pounds, this then helps them to pay for shelter and food. What a fabulous idea, and it changed my mind and thoughts about those that sell the magazine.

So I always buy a magazine when ever i come across a seller, it makes me feel good to know that i am helping that person, plus i get a really good read!!

Big up 'The Big Issue'

skyblueboston skyblueboston
31-35, F
Feb 8, 2010