Just This Morning...

I dont know what it was, but I woke up horny... again. And this was after having sex last nite until 1am. We fell asleep naked under the covers and I found my hand resting on my husband's upper thigh. Before I knew it, my hand was wrapped around his penis. I know he's still sleeping because it stays soft. I cant help myself and push the covers off to look at it. Its so unresistable resting on his leg. I have to have it and lean over to take him in my mouth. I let my tongue press underneath him and begin sliding my mouth up and down. I hear a soft groan from hubby and seconds later his penis begins to grow in my mouth. I begin moving a little faster and now his penis grows longer. I become excited knowing that I can do this to him. I start to suck now, letting my tongue press against the sensitive spot just below the head of his penis... he groans and now he starts to thicken. My mouth is watering now and I start to slide my lips up and down while sucking and I get the desired effect... my husband hardens. Now it is no longer a penis to me... it is a c**k... a hard, thick, throbbing c**k. I introduce my hand and begin stroking my husband's c**k as I give a good deal of attention to the beautiful purple head. Im so wet at this point that I dont need any more stimulation. I sit up and mount him. The feel of his c**k sliding into my oh so wet p***y feels sooo delicious. When I have him completely in me, I stay there briefly, relishing the feel of being filled by him. But I want to ****, so I lean forward to brace my hands on his chest and begin moving my hips up and down. Oh it feels sooo good. I can tell he is close and begin riding him faster. His hands grip my waist and he begins setting the rhythm. A few more and he tenses inside of me as I feel him lift off the bed, trying to force as much of his c**k into my p***y just as he ****. I LUV watching a man ***. He relaxes, but Im not done with him yet. I slide off and return to sucking him. The taste of his *** on his c**k just makes me hotter and I thank gawd I found a man who recovers quickly. As he starts to harden again, I get on my hands and knees. Hubby knows and gets behind me and pushes his c**k in me again. I tell him to **** me hard and make me ***. HIs hands grab my hips and he starts f*****g my wet p***y. I bury my face in the pillow as I moan and cry out in sheer pleasure at the feel of his c**k. I tell him faster and he starts pounding in and out of me. OMG it feels sooo good. I am so close... so close... my hands grip at the mattress and my p***y clenches around his c**k and I scream as I ***. I collapse on the bed and he lays on top of me, keeping me warm. We pull the covers over us and snuggle, listening to the rain.
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Hot steamy story ! im like you , im always in the mood for morning sex, especially after making love the night before ! the more i get , the more i want ! what a way to start my day . who needs coffee !

such a very good story I am so hot and wet now wish I had a big **** to ride

I like the idea of morning sex, but in reality, I'm the sort to go take a quick shower and brush my teeth first. The guy may be not-so-self-conscious, but honestly, I do NOT feel sexy unless I smell good to ME. Besides, even if I go through that, still get sweaty during sex, there's always nice slippery shower sex. ;-)

LOL you go druid!

I wondered--sorta--what your reply might be. Seriously, though...I would LOVE to have a shower/tub large enough for such activities. I may be a Fire sign, but water-centered sex has always had a certain appeal for me. Maybe it's the Scorpio in me..;-) I like to think so anyway.

Sounds logical! Lol. I support good sex in any venue, so I'm all for 'slippery shower sex'. I have done it a few times, actually. Probably did it moreso in baths/bubbles though. You have to be careful, though, not to let any 'by-products' stick to your skin, so shower sex is probably cleaner. Have fun!!! :-)

Now if I just had the right size shower and the right guy, I'd be more than set.

Oh yeah...my own place would be a best first goal. :-P

Yeah, that's def first priority! Walking out after shower sex into parents is not a good feel! Lmao. I wish you well on all three! :-)

Thanks, buddy. :-) It is going to take some extra-careful financial planning given how much I am NOT making. But I got plans anyhow.

Druid, one HAS to have goals and plans in order to acheieve their fullest potential! ;-)

No kidding, right? LOL! ;-)

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Very nice :) the perfect morning wake up bet he thought he died and woke up in heaven :)

GREAT STORY !!! Wish I was there last night and then again this morning

Well that woulda made it a 3sum!

yes yes ... I wouldn't mind sharing you every now and again ;-)

Wow- what a beautiful, sexy, story.
I really love your sexy description of your beautiful lovemaking
Thanks sweetie - very nice recollection.
L and I often perform things very much like this - but it's lovely to read It from a womens point of view.

Hope you having a beautiful day- well I think u are after that -

Lots of love

Mark xx