My Cravings For ***** On ***** Sex...

ok so i have this fantasy about me and my best friend going at it...i dream about walking in and finding her butt *** naked playing with herself...i try to act surprised but ive been secretly dreaming of this hoping for this so i walk to her and drop to my knees on her bed....lightly running my hand over her body first her throat then down to her breast stloping at her nipples i play with them with my tongue...continueing down her body i get to her ***** and she sees the hesitation in my eyes ( ive never done this b efore) she then takes me and lays me on my back and says let me show you how its done love...she slowly starts licking and nibbleing on my wet tight *****....slowly working her tongue deeper and deeper in my wet *****...i can feel my self getting she lightly squeezes my hips she digs her tongue deeper...i explode all in her mouth...she licks it up as she flips me over and starts for my ***....she says hold on and grabs her strap on she starts pushing her tongue deeper and deeper in my ***...i scream at the top of my lungs with pleasure......
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Fabulous sweetie